You as a women, deserve to feel beautiful within every season of your life. Don't let anybody tell you, or make you feel- you are not. As a mom, we get tires, teared in many directions, and sometimes sweats and a tee-shirt is all we want. However we should strive to take care of ourselves as much as possible, and upkeep our appearance. Not just for the sake of our husbands, but ourselves! You deserve that! if you need a few things to add to your closet and every day look, we got you  covered here at POSHBEAR. 


1) Everyday after you wake up, pick out an outfit. yup, ditch the sweats and Tee- and put on something you would wear pre-baby. Just a little effort will go a long way. Now some days we NEED sweats and a messy bun, but for a daily life routine, it's healthy mentally to take a little time to male yourself look good,and will keep you motivated physically. If you look good, YOU feel good. 


2) Add a little color in your everyday. This can be done with accessories, comfy flats/wedges, or a pop of color in your lipstick. Let it come easy and naturally, but it will show a difference. 


3) Use a little makeup. Make up is a gift to women to enhance our beauty. You definitely don't need a lot, and a little goes a long way. Cover up, mascara, and a light lip and your ready to roll mama. Remember you are wonder women, the sexy one. Now go out there and be GORG! 





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